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Childhood Song 82
Dance of life Poem 81
Michael Jackson talks to MTV Interview 81
Beat it Song 80
I can't make it another day Song 79
Come together Song 79
Письмо pymынckoй дeboчkи cboemy Ангелy About MJ 78
Michael Jackson The Unauthorized Interview Interview 78
I just can't stop loving you Song 77
The lady in my life Song 77
Pharrell Williams: Music's Hottest Hitmaker Talks To The Thriller Interview 76
Soulbeat interview Interview 76
Much too soon Song 75
Get on the floor Song 74
WBLS Frank Crocker Interview with Michael Jackson Interview 74
Michael Jackson interview on Soul Train Interview 73
2 Bad Song 72
Dirty Diana Song 72
Love scenes Song 72
Behind the mask Song 72