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A fool for you
Album: Soulsation! (1995)
Album's performer: Jackson 5

Lyrics author: Ray Charles
I know you told me

Such a long time ago

Well, you didn't, you didn't want me around, baby, yeah

Hey, hey

You didn't love me no more

But I wanna know something, yeah

That makes me be

I just want to say, yeah

I just want to say, yeah

I've been a fool for you, baby

(I've been a fool so long)

Ooh, I've been a fool for you, baby, yeah

Oh, it's not your clothes, yeah

It's not your, it's not your walk

It's not your easy, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

It's not your, it's not your easy, babe, talk, yeah, yeah, oh

I know something, it must be something, yeah

Ooh, oh, that makes me feel

Oh, that makes me feel

That I've been a fool for you, baby, yeah

(I've been a fool so long)

Oh, oh, oh, I've been a, I've been a fool for you, baby, yeah

Did you ever wake up in the morning

Just about the, just about the break of day

You reach over, you reach over and feel the pillow, yeah, yeah, yeah, ooh!

Where your baby, where your baby used to lay, yeah, yeah, yeah

Then you put, then you, then you put on your crying, yeah

Like you never, like you never cried before, yeah, yeah

I said, I said, I said you ever, you ever cried so loud, yeah

You give your blues, you give the blues to your neighbor's next door, yeah, ooh!

Ever since, ever since you were one, two, three, four, five years old, yeah

I've been a, I've been a fool for you, baby, babe, yeah, yeah

Way down in my, way down in my soul, yeah, yeah

I know it must be, I know it must be somethin', yeah, somethin', yeah

That makes me feel, that makes me feel

I've been a fool for you, baby, yeah

Oh, oh, I've been a fool for you, babe

(I've been a fool so long)

Ooh, oh, oh, ooh, ooh

I've been a fool for you, baby, yeah

(I've been a fool for you so long)

'Cause it's, 'cause it's, 'cause it's in my soul, yeah, yeah, babe

(I've been a fool for you so long)

Ooh, I've been a fool

Yeah, yeah

(I've been a fool for you so long)

Oh, oh, oh!

Ooh, I've been a fool for you, babe, yeah, yeah

(I've been a fool for you so long)

Ooh, ooh, oh, oh

I've been a fool for you, babe

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