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Let me carry your school books
Album: Pre-History: Lost Steeltown Recordings (1996)
Album's performer: Jackson 5

Lyrics author: Elvy Woodared, Gordon Keith
Hey, girl, let me carry your school books

See, I like the way that you look

Come on, let me walk along

So I can protect you from all that’s wrong

See, I heard Johnny and Joe talking

About how they were going to make you cry

And they say they gonna pull your pigtail

And I asked them the reason why

They told me to mind my business

It didn’t concern me, they only wanted you

And then I told them that they’d better be careful

‘Cause if they bothered you

They’d have to mess, with me, too

Hey, girl, let me carry your school books

Hey, girl, let me walk you home

See, I wanna love and protect you

From all that might do you wrong

Now, let me carry your school books

Let me walk you home

So Johnny and Joe will leave you alone

Let me carry your school books

I’d like to, so let me

Let me carry your school books

Hey, girl!

(Yeah, yeah, yeah)

Ooh, huh, yeah

Hey, girl, let me carry your school books

Come on, let me carry your school books

Hey, girl, let me carry your school books

While I walk you home

So Johnny and Joe will know we got a thing going on

We’ll get together tomorrow at lunch time

And I can tell you something that’s on my mind

Let’s try to do our homework together

'Cause two can solve those problems, oh, so much better

And one more thing, girl, before you go

‘Cause I see your mother standing at your door

Tell her don’t worry about Johnny and Joe

Now you got me, she don’t have to worry no more

Hey, girl, let me carry your school books

Hey, girl, let me walk you home

Hey, girl, let me carry your school books


Piosenki tej nie śpiewa Jackson 5. Została mylnie przypisana do płyty "Pre-History: Lost Steeltown Recordings" z ich najwcześniejszymi piosenkami, podobnie, jak piosenka "I Never Had A Girl". Wykonawcą zarówno jednej, jak i drugiej piosenki jest zespół The Ripples & Waves, który również nagrywał w wytwórni Steeltown na przełomie lat 60-tych i 70-tych. Był to zespół nastolatków, który nagrał te piosenki z równie młodym, jak Michael, imiennikiem, Michaelem Rogersem. Więcej na ten temat pod tym linkiem http://j5collector.blogspot.com/2010/06/who-were-ripples-waves-plus-michael.html

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