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Title Album Performer Published in
Todo para ti What more can I give (singiel) Michael Jackson 2003
Todo mi amor eres tu Bad - Special Edition Michael Jackson 2001
Time waits for no one Triumph The Jacksons 1980
Time explosion Moving Violation Jackson 5 1975
Through thick and thin Joyful Jukebox Music Jackson 5 1976
Thriller (full video version) Thriller Michael Jackson 1982
Thriller Thriller Michael Jackson 1982
Threatened Invincible Michael Jackson 2001
This time around HIStory Michael Jackson 1995
This place hotel (heartbreak hotel) Triumph The Jacksons 1980
This is it This Is It Michael Jackson 2009
Think happy The Jacksons The Jacksons 1976
Things I do for you Destiny The Jacksons 1978
The young folks ABC Jackson 5 1970
They don't care about us HIStory Michael Jackson 1995
They can't take that away from me/Puttin' on the Ritz [TV Show] The Jacksons TV Show (1976 - 1977) The Jacksons
The world is a mess Inne Jackson 5
The way you make me feel (full video version) Bad Michael Jackson 1987
The way you make me feel Bad Michael Jackson 1987
The way you love me The Ultimate Collection Michael Jackson 2004
The wall Maybe Tomorrow Jackson 5 1971
The story of E.T. E.T. the Extra -Terrestrial Michael Jackson 1982
There must be more to life than this* Inne Michael Jackson
There must be more to life than this Inne Michael Jackson
The mirrors of my mind Dancing Machine Jackson 5 1974
The man Pipes of Peace Paul McCartney feat. M.Jackson 1983
The love you save [Live]* Live at the Forum Jackson 5 2010
The love you save ABC Jackson 5 1970
The love I saw in you was just a mirage Third Album Jackson 5 1970
The lost children Invincible Michael Jackson 2001