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Angel of Hope Awards speech
Speech year: 2000
6 grudnia 2000 r. Michael odebrał od fundacji G&P nagrodę za działania na rzecz walki z rakiem.


Thank you. It's great to be here. Actually I'd say it's pretty incredible. And incredible describes our next honoree. This is the part were we are supposed to tell you about the career of our guest of honour, but if you don't know who he is, what planet are you from? He's not only one of the greatest artists of age, a star for the ages is what he really is. His Thriller album is the greatest selling album in the history of the world. And his song 'We Are The World' sold 800,000 copies in 3 days.

His records actually set records. As members of a new generation of pop artists we stand before him with the deepest sense of gratitude and humility. He's influenced our musical choices but more importantly he has influenced our personal choices.

No artist does as much to make the world a better place, and no other celebrity is more humble about his good work. What else can I say about him, he's bad, he's a thriller, and he's here. The greatest living recording artist in the world, number one superstar. King of Pop. On behalf of the G & P Foundation it's a great honour to present the Angel of Hope Award to Mr Michael Jackson.



Wow, it's incredible. I'm extremely honoured and moved by this gracious award and first and foremost I would like to thank our hostess and my date tonight, Denise, [GIGGLES AND SMILES THE CROWD GIGGLES AND WHISTLES] who with her beautiful spirit and abundant kindness has quickly found a special place in my heart.

My close friend Rabbi Shmuley Boteach introduced me to Denise and I'm very grateful. Thank you Shmuley, thank you so much for making this evening possible for me and for all the important and meaningful projects that we have begun together.

Shmuley is also responsible for bringing me together with some of my special guests this evening, Nobel prize winner, Professor Elie Wiesel and children’s' expert, Dr Stanley Greenspan. Thank you for joining me on this special night.

I'm honoured Mr President to receive this award in your presence and I wanna thank you all for years of dedication and service that you rendered to the American people. You have been an incredible president and I love you. [AUDIENCE ARE CHEERING AND APPLAUDING LOUDLY]

And of course N'Sync. [AUDIENCE APPLAUDS] It's great to meet you guys and it's an honour to receive this award, not only did you make all the girls scream, [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] but I was also thrilled to learn that you are continuing the tradition that I also believe in, in using your accomplishments to help others with your own charitable foundation. [AUDIENCE APPLAUDS]

Cancer is the number one killer of children. And it is only when we join together on evenings like this, that we can summon the courage and determination to stop it from ever robbing another child of the precious gift of life or a parent of the joy of watching their child grow. God bless you all for all the love and support you have offered this evening and I love you all very much. Thank you. [AUDIENCE APPLAUDS]


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