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28/03/16 11:51 gość

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27/03/16 23:14 ♥ Jolanta ♥
..... fajna paczka

27/03/16 23:14 gość
A cantora Lady Gaga, que faz 30 anos amanhã, comemorou a data neste sábado em Los Angeles e recebeu de presente uma sketch "Dancing Feet" feita por Michael Jackson! A arte é avaliada em US$ 25 mil.

27/03/16 23:12 gość
Ale okaleczyl jeden chlopaczek "Hollywood Tonight" na Polsacie...masakra !

27/03/16 23:01 gość

27/03/16 22:52 gość
Paris Jackson se irritou com um paparazzo ao ser clicada na porta de um centro dos Alcóolicos Anônimos , em Hollywood , nos Estados Unidos , nesta quinta-feira , 24 . A filha de Michael Jackson estava no intervalo de uma sessão , sentada na calçada com amigas , e não gostou nada de estar sendo seguida . Primeiro , ela simplesmente escondeu o rosto e recebeu o apoio de duas meninas , que colocaram a mão para tentar impedir as fotos . Depois , ela pegou uma pedra e jogou na direção do carro do fotógrafo, que registrou o estrago feito .

27/03/16 22:45 ♥ Jolanta ♥

27/03/16 22:45 ♥ Jolanta ♥

27/03/16 22:38 ♥ Jolanta ♥

27/03/16 22:22 ♥ Jolanta ♥
Jestem dla potrzebujących wsparcia...dla Michael'a, dzieci, Katherine ... love

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27/03/16 21:37 gość

27/03/16 21:37 gość

27/03/16 21:37 gość

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27/03/16 15:22 3kropki
Radosnych, pełnych serdeczności, ciepła i nadziei Świąt Wielkiej Nocy -- --

27/03/16 15:16 gość
Wiosna 2016 w Neverland

27/03/16 12:43 AsiaSZ
Radosnego Alleluja :-) uważajcie na drogach.

27/03/16 12:42 ♥ Jolanta ♥
....Dzień dobry , miłego świętowania :)

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26/03/16 23:12 ♥ Jolanta ♥
Jestem, pamiętam...dla Michael'a, dzieci, Katherine

26/03/16 23:10 gość
Frank Cascio tweeted: Thank you to the fans who made me aware of what is being said about me, so I can address this yet again. In 2005 Michael Jackson was told by someone (person still unknown when I asked him who said it he would not tell me) that I would not testify in his trial.I was 24 years old and named as a co-conspirator in the trial facing 2-6 years in jail, allegations that turned a lot of peoples lives completely upside down, most profoundly Michaels own life. A domino effect of destruction all based on lies that continue to flood in 11 years later. Even though I have set the record straight numerous times and Tom Mesereau has stated that I was absolutely willing to testify, and as Karen mentioned, I have also addressed in my book. I am now reading this new allegation that I asked him for money to testify? I have to say something yet again, I have NEVER asked for money, ever. I would NEVER not testify for him. I was not allowed to talk to Michael during this time with the severity of the charges but was in communication with his lawyer who knows that I was willing to testify at a moments notice, please check your facts.When Michael and I finally had the opportunity to speak face to face in my home in New Jersey, we worked everything out and he also knew that everything that was said about me and the trial, were lies. I should not have to defend myself any longer when his own lawyer can verify the truth. Let me also say this: Michael Jackson was the greatest person I have ever known and I would do ANYTHING for him, then and now. I am beyond grateful for the opportunities he blessed me with. He left and indelible mark on my soul and my life and my heart will never be the same without him.

26/03/16 22:25 gość

26/03/16 21:21 gość
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! Liz to istne cudo ...................