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Tytuł Rok przeprowadzenia wywiadu
Brotherly funYes 1970
Michael Jackson at Age 12 - Interview in 1970 Yes 1970
My most wonderful moment by Michael JacksonYes 1972
Michael Tells: ‘I’m A Girl Watcher!’Yes 1972
STAR! Magazine interviewYes 1972
Michael on Soul Train 1974Yes 1974
Michael Jackson interview on Soul TrainYes 1975
Andy Warhol InterviewYes 1977
Countdown interviewYes 1977
Interview at Studio 54Yes 1978
Michael Jackson Eases on Down the Road in “The Wiz”Yes 1978
Michael Jackson at 21 „I don’t know what’s the point of manhood”Yes 1979
WBLS Frank Crocker Interview with Michael JacksonYes 1979
JET interview Yes 1979
Soulbeat interviewYes 1979
Michael interview on Soul Train 1979Yes 1979
Outtake: Sylvia Chase interviewYes 1980
Michael in WonderlandYes 1980
Michael Jackson on GodlinessYes 1980
Molly Meldrum interviewYes 1980