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Tytuł Album Wykonawca Rok wydania
The young folksYes ABC Jackson 5 1970
Things I do for youYes Destiny The Jacksons 1978
Think happyYes The Jacksons The Jacksons 1976
This is itYes This Is It Michael Jackson 2009
This place hotel (heartbreak hotel)Yes Triumph The Jacksons 1980
This time aroundYes HIStory Michael Jackson 1995
ThreatenedYes Invincible Michael Jackson 2001
ThrillerYes Thriller Michael Jackson 1982
Thriller (full video version)Yes Thriller Michael Jackson 1982
Through thick and thinYes Joyful Jukebox Music Jackson 5 1976
Time explosionYes Moving Violation Jackson 5 1975
Time waits for no oneYes Triumph The Jacksons 1980
Todo mi amor eres tuYes Bad - Special Edition Michael Jackson 2001
Todo para tiYes What more can I give (singiel) Michael Jackson 2003
To knowYes Lookin' Through the Windows Jackson 5 1972
To make my father proudYes Farewell My Summer Love Michael Jackson 1984
Too youngYes Music & Me Michael Jackson 1973
TortureYes Victory The Jacksons 1984
To satisfy youYes Music From The New World Bryan Loren feat. Michael Jackson 1992
To sir with love Yes Inne Jackson 5
TouchYes Skywriter Jackson 5 1973
Touch the one you loveYes Farewell My Summer Love Michael Jackson 1984
Tracks of my tearsYes Beginning Years 1967-1968 Jackson 5 1997
TroubleYes Niewydane (Thriller) Michael Jackson 1982
True love can be beautifulYes ABC Jackson 5 1970
Try a little tenderness [TV Show]Yes The Jacksons TV Show (1976 - 1977) The Jacksons
Twenty - five milesYes Inne Jackson 5
UnbreakableYes Invincible Michael Jackson 2001
Under the boardwalkYes Beginning Years 1967-1968 Jackson 5 1997
Up againYes Music & Me Michael Jackson 1973