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Tytuł Album Wykonawca Rok wydania
Bridge over troubled water Yes Third Album Jackson 5 1970
Burn this disco outYes Off The Wall Michael Jackson 1979
ButtercupYes I Want You Back! Unreleased Masters Jackson 5 2009
ButterfliesYes Invincible Michael Jackson 2001
Butterflies (Remix)Yes Inne Michael Jackson
Call of the wildYes Moving Violation Jackson 5 1975
Call on meYes Farewell My Summer Love Michael Jackson 1984
Can I see you in the morningYes Third Album Jackson 5 1970
Can't get outta the rainYes The girl is mine (singiel) Michael Jackson 1982
Can't get ready for losing youYes Soulsation! Jackson 5 1995
Can't let her get awayYes Dangerous Michael Jackson 1991
Can you feel itYes Triumph The Jacksons 1980
Can you rememberYes Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5 Jackson 5 1969
CarouselYes Thriller - Special Edition Michael Jackson 2001
CentipedeYes Inne Michael Jackson
ChainedYes Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5 Jackson 5 1969
Change is gonna come Yes Inne Jackson 5
Change le monde Yes Inne Michael Jackson
CheaterYes The Ultimate Collection Michael Jackson 2004
Chicago (Original version)Yes Xscape Michael Jackson 2014
ChildhoodYes HIStory Michael Jackson 1995
Children of the lightYes Lookin' Through the Windows Jackson 5 1972
Children's HolidayYes Children's Holiday (singiel) J-Friends 1998
Christmas won't be the same this yearYes The Jackson 5 Christmas Album Jackson 5 1970
Cinderella stay awhileYes Forever, Michael Michael Jackson 1975
Come and get it (Love’s on the fire)Yes Come And Get It: The Rare Pearls Jackson 5 2012
Comedy sketchYes Inne Michael Jackson
Come into my life Yes Inne Jackson 5
(Come round here) I'm the one you needYes ABC Jackson 5 1970
Come togetherYes HIStory Michael Jackson 1995